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Aphasia Reading Book

This book was designed to be used by speech language pathologist in the treatment of adults with acquired dyslexia that result from aphasia or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Auditory Processing Skills

This comprehensive book includes reproducible activities for the development and reinforcement of auditory skills.

Early Intervention Guide

For infants and Toddlers with hearing Impairment

JISH Aural/Oral Rehabilitation Activities & Skills (JARAS)

JARAS program has been prepared by studying a number of leading audiovisual rehabilitation programs to be the first of its kind in Arabic. The activities have been designed to suit the Arab environment in terms of common concepts and culture
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JISH School Readiness Test

A test designed to assess the initial school readiness of children between the ages of five and six years and ten months. The test of the Jeddah Center for Speech and Hearing (JASH) for primary school preparation is the first test of its kind in the Arab world. This test serves teachers and teachers in the primary grades, kindergartens, speech and language disorders, and cognitive development of children.

Language Skills Hard Copy

This book includes a collection of reproducible exercises and worksheets for the development and reinforcement of oral expressive language.

My First Skills (2- 3 yrs)

This card set is designed for infants and toddlers.